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Quality Care for All

Patient outcomes improve when hospitals and healthcare providers follow evidence-based best practices to develop, manage and implement high quality care.

Over the past 20 years in the US, the AHA has made quality improvement a priority. To date, nearly half of US hospitals have implemented the AHA’s quality improvement programs like Get With The Guidelines®. 8 million patients have been treated at Get With The Guidelines participating hospitals. That's an increase of more than 3,200% since 2005 alone.

We recognize the need for high-quality patient care around the world and expanded our cardiovascular and stroke quality improvement programs globally. Since 2015, more than 210,000 patients in China, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates have benefitted from the most up-to-date guideline-based quality care as a result of our programs, and we expect continued positive outcomes as we grow internationally.

Together with our regional counterparts, Quality Improvement programs from the American Heart Association:

  • Deliver on promises to patients
  • Measure performance
  • Maintain Quality Improvement Standards

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Our webinars provide an easy way for professionals to learn the latest treatment guidelines from our AHA experts.

Quality Near Me

The American Heart Association recognizes hospitals that have used our programs to improve quality of care for heart disease and stroke patients. Learn which ones are in your vicinity and how their publicly reported data measures up.

Featured Quality Research

A monthly bite-sized interview with the author of the newest Quality Improvement Research on the Get With The Guidelines Data Registries.

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